I've always loved sports growing up, I enjoyed playing Rounders in School, Table Tennis (I was awful at normal tennis) Badminton, 'Pitch n putt' Golf once when I was 14 (never played it again since)

All the games that the 2000s generation played in the back lanes of their streets using hoodies for goal posts.

You can probably remember them times while reading this. Until we all grew up and had to get jobs.

I enjoyed Rugby Union for most years when I was a teenager (I played 9 for most part).

But there is one sport I've loved my whole life, which Is football.(even tho I was never good at playing it) 

I just panicked every time I got the ball) I absolutely love watching it. From as long as I can remember.

I remember Obafemi Martins doing his backflips then Sam Allardyce pointing his finger where the players need to be.

But there was one player that stuck out to me the most. He raised his hand up in the air when he scored. What number did he play? 

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Steven Marshall